We have all heard the word "Karma" and how she can be a b*#%h.... But what exactly goes into that? How can we use them to our advantage, how do they make us a better person? 

We are breaking down the 12 Karmic Laws, for some enlightenment. 

1. The Great Law 

"As you sow, so shall you reap" 

What you put out in the universe, you shall attract to your life. This is not just about 'what you do' but the intention behind it. The Intention matters more than the action... meaning if you want peace, happiness, love, abundance in your business, new positive experiences and growth. You must put that out into the universe. 

This also means, that even though you're upset at something, the more negative vibes you put out into the universe, with hate, anger, jealousy and ill intentions to tear people down. It may backfire, "What Suzie says of Sally, say more of Suzie, than of Sally." 

Sometimes, we need to acknowledge that someone has done something we don't like, or has rubbed us the wrong way, or outright mean. However that will come back to them, and in retaliation, we only breed more negativity.

Focus on a positive of the situation and work with that, to better yourself and grow to a humble, wise, human being. All you can do is your best, and if thats not enough, well work with what you can control. Send love and white light into the universe, to whatever is bothering you. Make sure with everything you put out into the universe, you're doing it with pure love and good intentions. 

2. Law of Creation 

Life doesn't just happen, and what surrounds you currently is because of your thoughts or actions. Our surroundings are always clues to our inner state. Life requires us to participate, and surround yourself with what makes you happy and what you want in life. It's important to create a safe place, and why in every home, you make it your own to help raise your vibration.

To work on my frame of mind, I surround myself with crystals, and people that make me feel good. If I cannot find that at home, I go to my local crystal/new age shop, and spend sometime in the happy, spiritual energy of that environment. First make the change internally in order to reach the external change.

my point is - I'm actively trying to change my vibe to something that I want, instead of expecting things to change all by themselves. It doesn't work that way and more importantly the universe doesn't owe you anything, you must create it, yourself.

3. The Law of Humility 

What you refuse to accept will continue. If we only see someone or something as a negative, then we ourselves are not focused on our higherself. Accept in order to change. We cannot change what we inherit, or other people and actions. We can only learn to live in the chaos, accept it for what it is, let go and more forwards. 

We cannot control everything that happens to us and sometimes things happen and are brutal. However it's the universe saying "that's not we want, so scrap it, let's start again!" Bad things happen, to bring us back down to earth. They teach us how to be humble and grateful for the good days to come. Harbouring that energy is not going to help our soul.

“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”- Buddha

4. The Law of Growth

"Where ever you go, there you are"

For us to 'grow' we must change - not the people, places or things around us. Its our mindset that controls every situation. In order to grow in spirit, we first must become conscious of our thoughts. When we change who and what we are, our lives change around us. When we decide that people will not abuse us, and that we don't accept abuse, the universe opens doors for us to move in a different direction. 

5. The Law of Responsibility

We are a mirror of what is going on inside us. Where you are currently is because of your mindset, actions and growth. What you think about, will ultimately be attracted into your life, If you're going through a difficult moment, it can be caused by your mindset.

Make a vision board, or right a story about what your life would look life, if you had everything you ever wanted and focus on that. At times we can be going against our path and the universe is sending a message to turn back, or stop and focus on what is. Learn to take responsibility. Even if you did not directly affect something, understand that you may be responsible for it in some way or the other. And accept it, and move forward in a better direction. 

6. The Law of Connection 

Everything in the universe is actually interconnected. Even if it seems meaningless, its very important to take these steps to aline our path in the right direction. Our past, our present, and our future are all connected. Just as everyone and everything in this Universe is connected. We must do the initial work to get the job done. Every step is important, even if it seems bad. 

7. The Law of Focus 

You cannot think of two things clearly at the same time. In order to get something done correctly, we must focus on one thing at a time. Focussing does not mean obsessing, but more so that you bring your awareness into what you're doing.

By focusing on the 
negativity, it will attract negativity into your life. Do everything with intention. It's impossible to have a positive intention when you have lower vibrational thoughts. Be mindful of what you're thinking about and try to actively do things that make you feel happy, to simulate positive thoughts. 

8. The Law of Abundance 

We are the ebb and flow of our existence. We give and we receive. Focusing on giving with the intention of making another happy, more than the reward of it being returned.  It is our willingness to give what we seek, whether it be love, friendship or money that allows that very same energy to be bought into our lives. When we give, we must not do so with the intention of getting a reward, because the act of giving is the reward itself.

9. The Law of Presence 

When focused on the past and worried of the future, you're no longer experiencing the present moment. Constantly focusing on the past will not allow ourselves to move forward. Being present is the only way we can reach consciousness and being trapped in our past.

10. The Law of Change 

Change is essential – and the only constant in life. If you do not change – history repeats itself over and over again, to teach you the same lesson till you learn it. Change is good, its not easy, but it doesn't matter, we change every day. Sometimes when it feels its been thrust upon us, it's in order for us to grow and evolve. 

11. The Law of Patience

When we begin to take stock over our thoughts and shift our attitude in life, things do change for the better but always in their own time. We must trust the Universe whose timing is always divine. Even though we cannot currently see what is going on behind the scenes, it doesn't mean it's not happening. There is a time and place for everything. 

12. The Law of Gratitude 

The last - and most important Karmic law. What we put out into the universe, doesn't just effect ourselves, but also the others around us. We are all connected. Don't become who hurt you, as it will ultimately punish yourself. Be grateful for your experiences and journey. It has made you who you are today. Your journey has guided you to this information, in order to reflect and acknowledge your actions. 

There is always something, everyday that is positive. You need to actively notice the smaller things, and show love and gratitude. Focus your intentions, to be filled with pure love. Only then, when thanking the universe, can we be humble human beings. Only then can we experience true joy. 

Love and light,

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