20 Things for a Solitary Witch

You don't have to have someone around all the time to have fun and connect with yourself and nature. If you don't have any ideas, here are ours:

  1. Start your own Veggie Garden/ Herb Garden 
  2. Buy fresh flowers 
  3. Make an indoor plant family 
  4. Go to the farmers market 
  5. Tarot Card/ Oracle card Reading
  6. Check out your local New Age Store 
  7. Go to a clairvoyant, physic, or medium
  8. Go crystal shopping / or online for new crystals
  9. Try out a new Yoga Class 
  10. Meditation - try a guided meditation
  11. Make a cuppa tea 
  12. Declutter your house & donate some old clothes
  13. Take a spiritual bath and light some candles
  14. Do a face mask or paint your nails 
  15. Read a book (Wicca, spirituality) 
  16. Make your own Witchy Grimoire 
  17. Press flowers in your Grimoire 
  18. Harry Potter Marathon 
  19. Rewatch all the best witchy movies (practical magic, the craft) 
  20. Make your own spells and rituals and perform some to bring love/luck home

Hope we have given you some great ideas, for the next time you have some free time by yourself. 

If you have any ideas to add, please comment them below! We love hearing what other people do for fun and what makes them feel great! 

Love and light 



  • That’s a beautiful deck of cards, where did you get it from?

  • That’s a beautiful deck of cards, where did you get it from?


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