There's a new magical counter-culture emerging and with this, a lot of new witches are waking up to their own spiritual practice. Each person, like their own sense of style, also have their own way of practical magic. For a lot of new witches, they may not have that extra cash lying around nor are they quite ready for that kinda commitment to stocking their cupboards full of all the lotions and potions. 

Magic - doesn't have to be expensive. You can practice, little ritual spells of love and blessings, purity and good vibes without the need to spend hundreds to thousands of pounds. We have some great tips, to buy things affordably and getting out in nature, to make your own magic.

1. Buy in bulk 

Do you have that favourite store that you repeatedly buy from? If they don't already offer it, ask! Buying bundle kits, and sage smudge sets in bulk are cheaper than buying them all spaced out when you are desperate and need more.

Herbs + Spices, you can purchase from your local grocery store, or even at the markets where you can haggle. In the city, there are normally bulk whole foods stores. You can find cinnamon, lavender, rose hips, jasmine in the bulk tea section. Another great place is to buy it online, there are heaps of herbal shops I have found through Instagram, amazon and Etsy - another alternative is on our website. 

2. Grow your own herbs

If you're planning on growing your own garden, and want to do it cost-effectively try to recycle. Ask your grandparents, your parents or your mates. 

Often you can get root cuttings like fresh culinary herbs from friends and neighbours, or you can get them on sale at your local nursery. Use recycled jars or tea tins to grow herbs on your window sill all year round. 

3. Recycled Jars 
Jars are great for storage, growing herbs, making black salt, moon charged water, clearing crystals and casting spells. You can use food jars, or candle jars (soy/coconut wax should wash out with hot water) and are really good for keeps all your little bits and bobs together. 

4. Cheap/Bulk Candles 
For a lot of spells you mainly need a white candle. These are easy to come by and you don't need to throw heaps of money at them. Craft shops, Poundworld, One Pound Shops are easy to come by, and again buying your candles in bulk and in bundles.

Benefits of using tea lights for once-off spells are great, especially if they're coloured or a large candle you can relight is also useful for spells you need to work with each night of the full moon. (3 days) Our candles are more on the expensive side, however, they're coconut wax, which burns cooler and at a slower rate, so your candles last longer and are toxic and cruelty-free - ultimately healthier for you.

5. Leaves and Flowers
Either grow your own and use them in spells or cut local blooming flowers. Please don't pick flowers as you can kill them. Press them in books, or dry them out for use later on. Purchase them at local whole foods in the tea section or online in bulk for higher savings. I store mine in an airtight glass jar from IKEA 

6. Salt
Salt is such an amazing and useful tool to use in your potions cupboard. Great for rituals and spells and has been used for centuries. Often, salt is used in purification spells. It can be incorporated into smudging ceremonies and in some NeoWiccan traditions, it is used on the altar to represent the element of earth. Sometimes also represented for Water because of SeaWater. Black Salt, which is a blend of regular salt and other ingredients, is used in protection magic in some traditions - but that's something we will get into in another post.

7. Moon Water
Moon water is amazing and I make it every full moon, it makes me feel so much more connected to the Goddess and the luna energy. Moon 'Luna' Water has many uses. You can use it in spray bottles for cleansing, and purifying your space. You can water your plants, make holistic cleaning agencies with it. Add it to your floral water as a facial toner. Pour in your bathwater when having a 'ritual' or 'spirt' bath.

So there you have it! I hope this has been useful and given you some ideas on where you can start with your everyday magic! There are some great tools to invest in, crystals and cauldrons! These are completely up to you, let me know in the comments section below if you would have added anything else to this list! 

Love and light,

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