Crystal Cleansing

Crystals, much like ourselves hold different forms of energy. Each vibrates at their own frequency. While working with our crystals we transmit our own energy into the gemstone we are working with as it radiates its energy on to us. 

If you use crystals to absorb negative energy it is best to cleanse them often. While working with them for healings, mediation, rituals and spell work, reiki or yoga, cleansing your crystals becomes just as important as showering every day. There are a number of different ways we can cleanse and raise the vibrational frequency of the crystals to channel the metaphysical properties of each stone.

Moon Cleansing
Depending on the moon phase, certain crystals can be placed outside to be cleansed and charged by moonlight. Even in the absence of moonlight, your crystals outside connecting once more with the natural elements and will recharge their energies. This is the best introduction for beginners, who are yet to explore advanced methods of cleansing.

Salt, Salt and some more Salt
Either using natural Himalayan salt or even basic table salt, with natural detoxifying elements. Salt draws out the toxicity, dark, sticky energy that clogs up crystals leaving them dull.

Place in a glass down and sprinkle salt over all your crystals, use this method for crystals that cannot be submerged in water. Alternatively, you can place the salt around your crystals, meditate above the crystals to energetically cleanse them. 

Sage or Cleansing Herbs
Smoke cleansing with Sage or Palo Santo herbs is a very common practice for safely cleansing your crystals. Our alternatives to Sage and Palo Santo are Mugwort, Rosemary, Thyme, or Lavender.

Simply light your dried herbs and blow out the flame till it smokes, slowly moves the crystals through the smoke while visualising the old energy being released from the crystal. You may notice your crystal feeling ‘lighter’ use the herbs that you find work best for your energy.

Smoke cleansing is very different from smudging as it is not an 
indigenous sacred practice. I advise to use alternatives to Sage as it is currently being over-harvested or better yet, grow your own White Sage if it's available to you.


Running Water, Ocean or River Cleansing
The best way to cleanse crystals with water is to place it under a running tap of water while holding the intention inside your mind that your crystal's energy is cleared

It can be difficult at first to visualise this inside your mind. Just keep trying - after awhile you get the hang of it. Visualise your crystals are surrounded with white, pink or gold light. Crystals can also be cleansed in rivers, streams, or in the ocean. Even placed into a bowl and left outside in the moonlight with some salt. 

** This method is very popular however can be very unsafe if you don’t know what you’re doing. Crystals can fade, or dissolve if you put the wrong ones under water, so make sure you do your research if it’s safe to be put into water. **

Crystals that need to avoid water/ salt water is anything that is porous and normally ends in 'it' like pyrite, selenite, hematite etc they normally include salt inside the crystal and will dissolve causing a change in the appearance and properties of the crystal.

Another thing to consider is that inside these 'grooves' of the crystal hold knowledge and when submerged in water you lose those natural memory banks in the crystal. In meditation work you can connect with your crystals to learn the knowledge they hold within and explore the history of the crystals. 

Singing Bowl

Singing bowls are personally my favourite ways of cleansing crystals as it's simple, practical and sounds beautiful. the main thing with cleansing with sound is the vibration the bowls make to neutralise the energy to its natural form. 

Crystals that are cleansed in singing bowls don't have to be cleansed as often (like every full moon) and normally with cleansing any of the crystals it's when I have noticed the change in energy when working with them. Crystals feel heavy, look dull and I don't feel a connection of the healing or protective energy I normally get once I have cleansed them. 

the vibration of the signature frequency can change, much like us... something can come into contact with us and leave us feeling drained, yuck and overall not that normal bliss we are used too. You want the sound to be loud enough to the point you can feel the reverberating, like waves it washes over you. like waves, the sound washes over the crystals syncing it back to its natural and neutral state of being. 

You can use alternatives to the singing bowls, however in most of my energy work I connect best with sound healing. 

Intention Cleansing 

The most cost-effective and simple ways are to cleanse your crystals with intention. Sit quietly holding your crystal and close your eyes.

Focus on your breath and centre yourself to the point you feel calm, balanced and grounded. Hold your crystal in your hand and imaging light rising up from the earth's core, through the ground and into your body.

Allow it to travel through you, though your body, down your arms and into your hands where you hold your crystal. Imaging the energy like waves lapping at the shore, allow this light to rise up and wash over your crystals drawing the negativity away and back into the earth.

Once the energy is travelled into the earth it can be transmuted into something else entirely. People are personal about how the cleanse with intention and it's completely optional how you decide to cleanse. Try and find your own way that works for you and hopefully this resonates with you.

Many Blessings,

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