Creating an environment thats inspiring and peaceful can change your quality of your practice.

Start with a clean, quiet space and making sure it’s clear of clutter. Light a candle or some incense. Make this a habit for each time you begin practice.

Once you have created a safe space and through learning some basic postures, practice can easily be implemented into your daily routine. It's okay if you only know a Sun Salutation, starting small will help you to not become overwhelmed. 

Leave the space ready for practice. It will make things easier to just walk into your space and begin. It most important thing is that you try, even if its small. Just 10 minutes each day is better than doing nothing. - Which comes to our first step....

Don’t push yourself, even if its for 15 minutes a day.

Start with a few basic flows. Begin with light stretches, move into Sun Salutations. Practice with your favourite postures. Be mindful while you’re in class, work on something to improve on at home, ready for the next Yoga class. Your instructor noticing the change, and its very rewarding. Even if they don't.... you will feel confident in your practice. Never underestimate the power of homework. 

Build a relationship with your mat. As you step onto your mat, remember that it doesnt care what you’re wearing, where you’re from, or if you’re a beginner, intermediate or pro. Your mat is happy to see you, you showed up! Give it your attention regularly.

Practice with Intention. In the beginning it can be difficult, focus on important things in your life. Perhaps devote your intention for someone in your life that needs forgiveness, or you’re thinking about. Even showing gratitude for your life, or the face your body is healthy enough to practice yoga, everyday.

As long as it's positive... Surrender yourself.

Breathe. Becoming mindful of your breath is vital in Yoga. When you become conscious of your breathing, you become present in the moment. Controlling your breath, changes your state of mind, hence why breathing consciously is a form of meditation. Deepen your breath, slow it right down and it completely relaxes your body and slows your thoughts. This is perfect for your flow, and moving through the difficult postures.

Don't feel guilty. 

Everyone has things they are working on, life gets busy. Don't make yourself feel even worse because you haven't practiced for a while. Just be happy that you're trying now. If you keep worrying about it, you will only put it off longer.

You cannot do everything at once, and its unrealistic to believe that in moments of stress, or just life happening, that you can keep on top of everything. Something has got to give, just don't beat yourself up about it.

Take a moment to thank there goddess for the moments you do have to relax and practice your flow. If you know its just a matter of being lazy... then make it a full moon goal to practice 4 times in a month. Maybe once a week? maybe twice in one week and skip the next. Just make a start and allow yourself to enjoy your practice, its not an obligation, its a gift. 

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