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Along the journey through healing work and researching about safe spells at home, UL stumbled upon this beautiful safe place for all things witchy. Full of Information and with many connections to other witchy bosses throughout the US, HausWitch is a hidden gem full of information and amazing pieces to fill your home. 

Home + Healing is located in downtown Salem, Massachusetts and has everything you need to bring good vibes to your home. For those who are international customers or just don't live in Salem, they have a stunning online shop which is where I buy a lot of really good products and books. 

Firstly the store is amazing, with the rich wood shelving, white walls and furniture that screams urban vintage, its a new take on the standard "crystal shops." Visually stunning and the products are not only affordable but unique and handmade.

Erica who IS HausWitch updates the Instagram daily, she is an inspiration, from the blog posts to starting her own little business selling spell kits and developing that into a brick and mortar business in Salem. I have listened to her podcast - read all her blogs - stalked the Instagram and I'm still craving more. Possibly because this is something I have wanted to do myself for many years. What is so special about this stunning shop, is how her products are from other small business, etsy shops and are handmade. Combined with local meditations and moonlight yoga, the business in essence is "magical"

* 📷 from @hauswitch Instagram
Full house for a Tarot for beginners workshop 

HausWitch is a place for many young witchy women, pagans and witchy boys too, to come and explore the modern magic in today's society and finding a really good balance between ethically handmade products, natural crystals and guidance for the modern day witches that surround us today. 

Below I decided to list a few products I love and have bought from Hauswitch

Use the code #hauswitchstore for 10% off all products. 

*please note all photos are from HausWitch Website and this is not a sponsored post, we just love their products. 

What to shop for: 

The Master Book of Hernalism
Medicinal use of herbs, including illustrations of plants easily found in the wild; herb gathering and storage. 

The Master Book of Herbalism

Moon Phase Notebook 
Black notebook holds 100 pages of unlined pages
Perfect for spells, illustrations to be filled in the pages.

Handprinted - this unique piece is so beautiful, I use mine to write my card readings, a few months later I like to look back and see how things have changed and what I should have worked on that month. I also take notes from Many Moons Workbook (July-Dec 2017)

HausWarming Spell Kit
Stunning wood candle holders - to the citrine house spray, this spell kit is going to make your house warm and (oh so) cosy! Spell work thats great for winter and warming our bones.

Citrine is a great mood booster and the stones are perfect size for my tea light candles. 

Witch City Mugs 

14 oz Camper Mug with “Witch City” logo on it

I think this is what I found first and fell in love with, I don't know why but I have a crazy obsession with unique mugs (possibly because I drink so much tea) 

Let me know if you have any favourite witchy stores all your favourite places for crystals and candles in the comments below. #urbanlune 

Love and Light, 

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