UrbanLune's change from Soy to Coconut Wax

Recently at UrbanLune, we have changed our Candle Wax from 100% Soy Wax, to a mixed blend, predominately Coconut Wax and some have asked

"why the change?"

UrbanLune prides ourselves on living with intention, ethically, authentically and ultimately sustainably. This comes from a 'new' generation that isn't just about an awesome product but cares about how it'd made.... with intention and integrity and what impact our choices make on our soundings and the environment. 

As wax is the largest component in our candles, its worth looking in to, especially if you burn them frequently, at home, work or gift them to others. 

While paraffin has been the cheap wax of choice for many years, soy wax has recently moved into second place due to its “natural” credentials. However, if you do some research, you’ll discover that there’s a much better choice for candles: coconut wax—here's why.

Paraffin Wax - Even though paraffin is a great, cheap source of wax that holds a  solid fragrance, recent studies have shown that burning paraffin candles indoors can create unhealthy airborne chemicals.

Beeswax - Honestly, Beeswax has never been an option. As it comes from the hives of the honeybees, and for that magical pure white candle we love ( so that our colours shine through) we would have the 'bleach' the wax, that would lead to poor quality scent throw. All that aside, it's an animal byproduct, not vegan-friendly and not an option for UL.

Soy Wax - All though we love Soy Wax, and has been beneficial at UL for the past 2 years, it has been difficult to source quality wax in Australia and the UK.

We have tried the most 'advanced' and expensive brand on the market and it's still not working for us. Especially after environmentally-minded groups like the WWF have raised growing concerns about deforestation associated with the burgeoning soy demand.

With the expansion of soybean plantations into forests, it is contributing to climate change. As soybean agriculture sweeps across South America and elsewhere, fragile ecosystems such as rainforests are feeling the strain.

After learning about this, we have found an alternative. Coconut wax—a wax created from a majority of ‘high-melt’ coconut oil blended with other natural waxes to create a beautiful and sustainable candle.

Coconut Wax - not only burns cooler, making each candle last longer. It also holds a higher fragrance concentration than soy and with a cleaner burn. However, has been overlooked because it's more expensive per pound. Personally - I don't give - s*#t because it's completely worth every penny.

Since working with Coconut Wax we didn't realise how much we love it! Our fragrances don't bleed (sweat) as much as they did with cheaper soy. They're far easier to work with, for colouring, fragrance and produce are sweeter, creamer candle. 

It's argued to be more 'natural' than soy because it's organically made and more eco-friendly to harvest, and the deforestation issues, are not related to coconut industry and plantations. SO - that's a massive PLUS for us. 

Unfortunately we cannot rule out the blend of soy to coconut, we have been assured by our supplier that it's a small amount, however, they cannot release the exact measurements. Even if it's just a small amount, we still want you all to know that it is a blend with Soy Wax, as it wouldn't be able to hold and stay solid at room temperature if it was pure Coconut. 

Having said that - it's a start! And we are working, every day to achieve better. 

Love and light, 

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