Water Magic | Spell work with the elements

Elemental magick are the basic foundations to magick. Understanding each element allows us to hold the knowledge around us, for passion, abundance, healing and attracting into your life what you seek. 

Water Magick 
Water is often associated with birth, intuition, desire, creativity, emotions and healing. It was the major attraction in my life, regarding folk lore, spell casting, scrying and cleansing myself, and my space. 

Throughout history we as beings, have always gravitated to the life giving springs, lakes and oceans. Water imbibes all life forms and without this life giving substance we would perish. Water is the transformation of our emotions, the flow of energy within our beings, it is the feminine and yin. Water and emotions are one. 
Moon Influence
Water magick is also influenced by the moon cycles, as the moon pulls and pushes the tides of the ocean, it also works on moving your energy and emotional state.

In different stages of the month we become increasingly aware of our emotional state, due to the energy and placement of the Moon. Take note of the waning and waxing. Depending on what spells you would like to work on, it is time to take note on the type of spells that work best. 

Dark Moon( Not visible in the sky)  : Banishing Spells, Protection Charms, Shadow work, Cleansing Spells. 
Now is the perfect time to take a salt bath and rid yourself of toxic energy with yourself. Make sure you use ritual water to clean your bath and yourself. 
Ritual Bath < previous blog on what ritual baths are, and some recipes to make your own. 

New Moon: New Adventures, New beginnings. This is the time for looking at what we want to begin and working on new projects. Get creative, and work with making things with your hands. Meditation or starting a new class. It is the creative energy you will find your brain is running wild with ideas. Make sure you write them down and break them into goals to be accomplished. 

Waxing Moon : Growth. The projects that we have been putting off are not to be missed at this time. It is not the time of just planning anymore, but the time of actually getting in and accomplishing the work we have set out to do. Research what you need, take action and grow your ideas into the physical word. 

This is the time for working with candle magick if you are looking into attracting wealth into your life. Carve your name into a green candle, and the symbols you want to attract. Doing spells for growth within your career is very potent energy. 

Full Moon  Full-moons are a time of release, letting go of the things we hold onto and allowing it to wash over us completely, ready for a new month ahead. Prime time for rituals for prophecy, protection, divination. Full moon magick is pretty powerful and is a great time to charge your crystals with its energy. 

Physical activity helps get the blood flowing and increasing our water intake for the energy within ourselves to flow. Work through some slow exercise like Yoga to open your hips, working with your root chakra and yoni.

Sex Magick is also perfect for love spells, and potent magick at the full moon. 

Many people forget that magick isn't only made in ritual or through spell-work, but by being near or in nature and simply existing with it, consciously. Spend time with the ocean, let it lap at your feet and submerge you with its hidden knowledge. 
Wanning Moon: Reversing circumstances of situations in your life, no longer allowing yourself to be hurt by others and taking back your power. Banishing and releasing the old, removing unwanted negative energies, addiction, illness, or negativity.
Rituals with Water
We have the ability to draw power from the oceans, rivers, lakes, rain and ponds. Using water as a purification and cleansing of energy. We can do this by bathing or swimming in oceans, or taking a ritual bath.

The ancient Greeks and Romans made public bath houses available to as many of their citizens to create wellbeing, cleanliness and purity in their society. Allowing them to heal and restore. Yogis would begin each day under the rising sun, cleansing themselves in cold water rivers to wake up the body and mind. The Scandinavians religiously use saunas and ice water to stay healthy and remove the seasonal effects of depression. 

Your emotion and how you feel play an important part of attracting the right things into your life. How you feel is how the Law of attraction works, as like attracts like, so beings emotionally sound, helps combine all the right elements into your world. 

Think about the presentation of water and how you ingest it. Combine fresh fruits and place in a glass container rather than plastic. Be mindful as you drink your water and focus on the healing energy as it flows into your system. 
Bless your water
Working with blessed water, or moon charged water is the perfect way we can implement the cleansing energies into our everyday lives. Using ritual sprays, Crystal elixirs to clean and cleanse our homes will help rid our scared spaces of bad vibes and negativity, while looking after our health with a tidy home. 
Bathe in scared waters 
Depending on where you live, look out for places you can go and bathe for purification magick and cleansing. Many people travel all over the world for this, and as it may be expensive, if you're in a place (like New Zealand) where these can be abundant, then use it as food for thought. 

IF you're like myself and don't have the luxury of this, then take a trip to the ocean. Regardless of you driving in, the negative ions near the ocean, will automatically help rejuvenate you. 

Water Signs in Astrology
Cancer - The Crab 
Pisces - The Fish 
Scorpio - The 

Your moon sign in astrology is very important, as it shapes your emotions. It's whats going on under the surface and in your subconscious. Take a look into your moon sign, just as much as your sun sign to give a deeper level of understanding in astrology. 

Ritual Tools Representing Water 
Cauldron is the symbol of the womb, when holding water inside it. It is both a representation of Earth and Water. The cauldron must have three legs as a symbol of the Maiden, Mother and Crone. 

Water Bowl is used for cleansing and protecting your crystals. This is used at the full moon and the new moon for charging and cleansing your crystals, depending on what kind of energy you would like to work with during the month. 

Chalice is for drinking in rituals and spell casting. This is to welcome the energetic water or crystal infused water into your body, for water magick to be used within, you must consume it. 

Ritual Sprays are for cleansing your space. Combination of crystals and essential oils will help the process of cleaning crystals or your aura. Using Ritual Sprays, blessed water to wash your bath down and while cleaning your home will move the stagnant energy surrounding you. 

Holy Water or Floria Water is used for cleansing your home, body and ritual tools. This is blessed water for healing and a combination of essence from flowers, also used as an offering for the Faeies. Majority of the time is not to be consumed.

Tarot: The Cups
Cups, also known as chalices represents emotion and the power of love, or lack of love. Cups are a reflection on longing and desire, fear and concerns and also when we are to be reminded to open our hearts. 

We perceive this world through a lens coloured by our own personality and experiences. The Cups remind us of the ways we relate externally as well as internally gives a clear indication of love, romance and creative expression and the choices or issues that can rise from these areas. 

Symbolic Imagery - Feng Shui 
Our homes are a reflection of our subconscious. The water element of feng shui is directly related to the flow of money and career. Flowing water helps you release things you no longer need. Still water helps the surrounding energies to be calm and offers the feeling of a new beginning and renewed strength. The water element can be represented by a water feature or pond. Crystals, wavy statues, or artwork and paintings of water scenes are other ways the element of water may be represented.Koi Fish Display fung shui symbols throughout your home that represent wealth and abundance. Decorating your home with symbolic images of fish creates wealth chi, consider implementing art work of fish in your home to attract this energy. The Koi fish is a favourite and should always be in groups of 9. 
in your home placing fountains helps the energy to flow, allowing new forms of wealth chi to enter your space. Either art work of large bodies of water, waterfalls. oceans and having fountains inside your home helps welcome wealth. 

Collecting Water for Spells
The most inexpensive way to work with water magick in spells is to head out into nature and collect water samples. These can be used for different purpose spells. Keep in jars and write notes on them to reference when you collected the water and the location.

Coming soon November 2018 Workshops. 
New Blog on Water Element Magick and folklore, Crystals for Water Magick and Spells for Water Magick 

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