Yoga Alchemy
is based in the heart if Northbridge, Perth Western Australia. Whether you’re new to yoga, intermediate or just needing a refresher. I advise you to take a walk out of your comfort zone and go try Yoga Alchemy. This inner city studio will build your confidence while teaching the foundations for your personal yoga journey.

This unique space has captured my interest, and blossomed my love for yoga. I first began my journey with Yoga Alchemy over 2 years ago. I was broken from an old relationship and was in need of guidance. Filled with hurt, resentment and a hollow ache inside my chest, I couldn’t shake it off. I threw myself into fitness and well-being. In all honestly, I didn’t want to think. I wanted to be so busy that I couldn’t concentrate. After the initial blow, and when my friends had played there part and went back to their own lives. I was still searching for something to fill the void.

I stumbled onto the Facebook page for Perth, Yoga. I found this quaint studio above an Internet cafe. Just a door, and a small sign indicating I was in the right place. Greeted with the smell of incense, I walked up the stairs, took my shoes off, signed my information, grabbed a mat and sat down ready for class. The great thing about it, all mats and bolders are available at no extra charge.

Photo Yoga Alchemy

Claudia our instructor welcomed the class and opened with breathing techniques, explaining intention while keeping the rich history of yoga alive, we learnt not only the pose, but also the meaning behind it. The story and history. Learning it’s more about your path and interpretation. Yoga is open to interpretation, westernised throughout Australia.

As Claudia moved throughout the class, touching students to the correct position. We learnt to control our pose, not push too hard and learn a sun-salutaion to practice at home.

While we laid on the mat, in our Savasana (corpse pose). I was finally not thinking of everything that happened months before. I began my journey and relationship with my yoga mat and myself. If no one else would be there, I would be there. I would work on processing and letting go. Knowing overall the relationship with myself was ultimately most important. If I didn’t have anyone, I had yoga. I had my mat and I would sun salutation till the negative thoughts flowed from me.

Yoga Alchemy was the perfect introduction yet doesn’t seem to get enough credit. I have yet to find another class that exceeds the impression this charming studio has left.

Love and light, 


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