UrbanLune Lammas Crystal Candle

UrbanLune Lammas Crystal Candle

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L A M M A S - First Harvest Crystal Candle

Lammas is a deep, rich pumpkin orange crystal candle, inspired by the Sabbat, and the autumn harvest. We have combined spiced notes of clove, ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon, infused with hand selected Calendula + Sunflower petals. 

Fragrance Notes: 
Clove + Ginger +Nutmeg + Cinnamon

Flower Alchemy:
Sunflowers - Fertility, Wishes, Health, Wisdom 
Calendula - Protection, Divination + Luck

Carnelian Crystal Properties: 
Carnelian will help light that inner fire within us all and helps boost our confidence and creativity. Wear when funds are low to draw in abundance in your life, it aids in protecting against poverty and attracts prosperity, in all areas of our life. 

Each label has been created and designed with symbolic features from the each Sabbat. Lammas features the iconic corn dolly, cinnamon sticks, wheat and nutmeg to combine the fragrance, (Clove + Cinnamon + Nutmeg) and the Lammas (First Harvest) Sabbath throughout, so it's the perfect altar piece for each season.
Made in England, United Kingdom
Cotton Wick for a clean burn
Comes in a 8oz tin jar and lid
40+hrs burn time 

Each are 100% Vegan and animal cruelty free 🐼🎋
UrbanLune's signature coconut + soy blend wax.
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