UnF*ck Yo'self

UnF*ck Yo'self

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UrbanLune's exclusive Unf*ck Yo'self Ritual Cleansing Room Spray. 

Helps remove negativity and lowers the level of f*cks you give. Use for meditation and calming the energy in your space before self-care practice. Spray after you have people around your space, or, spray them... they could do with some un f*cking
The good bits inside: 
Blue Cypress + Jasmine 
Black obsidian, Amethyst and Rose Quartz 
Infused in Distilled Luna Water 
 100ml Clear PET Plastic spray bottle
Black Atomiser with Lid 
 ** Please note that as these are essential oils inside, we advise you keep them out of direct sunlight. ** Black Bottles help for your essential oils to last longer. Now available in the bigger sizes. 

Please note we cannot guarantee the level of f*cks you give as this is different with each person and if you are going through high levels of negativity we ask you seek help in more ways to better your space at home.

Speak to your doctor or therapist. This does not replace self-care, it aids in it and we cannot guarantee negative energy to be 
completely removed.

But it does smell great! 👍