Gwen Ellis Crystal Candle

Gwen Ellis Crystal Candle

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UrbanLune's exclusive Gwen Ellis Crystal Candle 
Handmade by WItches for Witches 

Featured after Gwen Ellis one of the earliest trialled and executed for Witchcraft in 1542 in Wales, United Kingdom

Coconut + Soy Wax | 55hrs+ burn time | Green Adventurine Crystal 
Amber Moss & Teak Fragrance
Locally source and grown herbs and florals

Handmade and pouring in Nottingham, UK 

We designed this collection to shed light on the women who were torched and accused with no voice. They are apart of the history of my motherland and I wish to explore and share with everyone the history of the Witch Trials in Brianna 

Each candle comes with its own crystal candle guide and information regarding the Wytches of Britannia, you’re welcome to follow along on their stories in our blog and explore these women and all they endured to gain insight and understanding and how that has filtered through into modern-day society.

Blessed be