Rose Quartz Gem Elixir

Rose Quartz Gem Elixir

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Rose Quartz Essence Gem Elixir provides the properties of rose quartz in an essential oil blend. It excretes a vibrational frequency of loving rose quartz and is to be used with intention.

This oil can be used for attraction, romance, love, friendship, positive self image, harmony in relationships, finding beauty in all things, seeing through rose colored glasses, finding your soulmate, and bringing love into your life.

Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Deities: Aphrodite
Herbs: Rose, Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Lavender
Tarot: The lovers
Chakra: Heart + Sacral Chakra

How to use:

  • Add 8-10 drops to a meditative intention bath.
  • Use to anoint a candle during altar or moon rituals.
  • Rub onto chakra centers (especially the heart chakra) to amplify these energy points. As a soothing massage oil, calming your senses and filling your skin with love.
  • Before yoga, meditation, presentations, or performances.
  • Can also be used around your house or work area, on doorways, knobs, car or around your space (to fill areas with loving energy).

These oils are not to be ingested internally.