UrbanLune Imbolc Crystal Candle

UrbanLune Imbolc Crystal Candle

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I M B O L C - Candlemas, Midwinter February 1st

Imbolc has been inspired by the innocence, love and protection from the goddess Brighid. As the light snow begins to melt and the flowers begin to seed, we wanted to embody a candle with the gentleness of snow falling and the sweet smells as spring begins to stir.  Each element of the sabbat candle is carefully selected for ritual practice, any traveling Witch can celebrate the seasons without needing her entire potions cupboard. 

Fragrance notes: 
Orange + Starflower 

Flower Alchemy 
Jasmine - Attraction, Love, + Desire

Snow Quartz Crystal Properties:
Good luck that will help open doors of opportunities for you.

Snow Quartz has a soft feminine energy that will balance your yin and yang energies and align your chakras. It will facilitate alertness during tense moments and mental clarity during meditation

I M B O L C 
UrbanLune's Imbolc Crystal Candle was created for the  purification festival by honouring Brighid, or Brid, whose name meant "bright one" 
She is the keeper of the sacred flame, the guardian of home and hearth. To honor her, purification and cleaning are a wonderful way to get ready for the coming of Spring. In addition to fire, she is a goddess connected to inspiration and creativity.

Each label has been created and designed with symbolic features from the each Sabbath, featuring our candles for candlemas, the light in the darkness, and sweet flowers as we begin to welcome spring. 

Made in England, United Kingdom
Cotton Wick for a clean burn
Comes in a 8oz tin jar and lid
40+hrs burn time 

Each are 100% Vegan and animal cruelty free 🐼🎋
UrbanLune's signature coconut + soy blend wax.