UrbanLune Ostara Crystal Candle

UrbanLune Ostara Crystal Candle

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O S T A R A - Spring Equinox 
Ostara was inspired by the beauty of spring, and flowers in bloom. The only candle in the collection to have a choice between two different crystals. 

Fragrance notes: 
English Garden - Peony + Rose + Violets 

Flower Alchemy 
Mint - Lucky, Wealth, Prosperity 

Rose Quartz Crystal Properties:
Unconditional love rose quartz is known for the nurturing aura and connecting to your motherly energies.

O S T A R A 
UrbanLune's Ostara Crystal Candle was created to invoke the senses of the florals around us in the season to come. It is your mothers or grandmothers garden you played in when you were a child. It is the connection with the Fae and the inner child at play. Ostara is Mother Earth walking the earth once more and we have connected to her energy to create the perfect candle to be the living personification of Mother Nature. 

Each label has been created and designed with symbolic features from the each Sabbath, featuring our candles for candlemas, the light in the darkness, and sweet flowers as we begin to welcome spring. 
Made in England, United Kingdom
Cotton Wick for a clean burn
Comes in a 8oz tin jar and lid
40+hrs burn time 

Each are 100% Vegan and animal cruelty free 🐼🎋
UrbanLune's signature coconut + soy blend wax.

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