Prudence Lee

Prudence Lee

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UrbanLune's exclusive Prudence Lee Crystal Candle
Handmade by WItches for Witches

Prudence Lee was accused of murdering her husband in an act of passion. Used as an example to push the narrative that acts of passion were by the influence of the Devil. That women were susceptible to his influence like Eve in the garden of Eden. Thus Prudence was burnt at the state like many women convicted of Witchcraft for being a husband killer and her wayward lifestyle and unruliness as a wife. 

Coconut + Soy Wax | 55hrs+ burn time |
Bloodstone Crystal 
| Turkish Rose
Locally source and grown herbs and florals

Handmade and pouring in Nottingham, UK 

We designed this candle with the combination of Turkish Rose to symbolise the beauty and allure of women and how we are both subtle yet hard and strong. That some may try to pluck us to capture our beauty, however, beware our thorns still will cut you. 

Each candle comes with its own crystal candle guide and information regarding the Wytches of Britannia, you’re welcome to follow along on their stories in our blog and explore these women and all they endured to gain insight and understanding and how that has filtered through into modern-day society.

Blessed be