Ambassadors Program

UrbanLune Ambassadors Program is available for all the crystal candle lovers to share our creations and make some extra money in the process.

Brand Ambassadors are a community of people that actively promote our products and services to earn a certain amount of commission. Making money is as easy as sharing your unique referral link or unique customer code. 

Once accepted we encourage you to join our  Ambassadors Facebook Group

If you need any addition information we will be posting in the group, contacting you via email for some more updates or alternatively contact us via

Our Products 
We have been making and creating our Crystal Candles since 2016. Each are handmade in the United Kingdom with Vegan + 100% Cruelty FREE ingredients. They are blended with organic and locally grown florals +  herbs and infused with hand selected and real natural crystals.

Each candle is completely unique and original just like UrbanLune!

Our Mission 
We aim to teach others about self-care practices and small rituals to amplify the magick in everyones lives and to be mindful of all around us.

Our home is our scared space, it is where we go to unwind and relax, to nourish ourselves and rest. Our environment is what shapes us as people and creating a space at home with our candles and products that light up our lives is our ultimate goal. There are easy ways to implement magick into our home, and we wish to share that with the world. 

Our Coven
Since 2016 and making our candles from our kitchen bench we have grown globally. We believe in looking after everyone to help them on their journey to their own success!

We are a small community that means we are responsive to enquiries and can have that one on one training so we can nurture you, as your business grows. 

It's simple to sign up to the program, join the facebook ambassadors group and instantly be apart of the team as well as your own boss.

Through the compensation plan you will be able to grow you commission from 10% upwards and be apart of in-house and private giveaways from the ambassadors as well as gift certificates for the shop and great discounts throughout the year

If our brand and values at UrbanLune speaks to you,
please SIGN UP below.