I put an order in a few days ago! Why haven't I got my order? 
As all crystal candles are handmade, and due to peak times during the year, we have a processing time of 5-7 business days. Once your order has been dispatched, you will receive your order tracking number and can track your order till it arrives! 

Do you ship internationally? 
Yes! - We are a UK based company that is branching out to as many countries as possible! If you would like our products and cannot yet see your country yet on the list, contact us on our contact page and we can see what we can do. 

List of Countries UrbanLune ship to: 
UK Mainland - England, Wales, Scotland 
Europe - Irish Republic, Denmark, France, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands 
Australia & New Zealand 
US - All of the United States 

My order arrived to my country, but I have to pay another fee to pick up my order! What is this added cost when picking up my parcel? 
Orders outside of the United Kingdom, may incur a 'customs' fee - depending on where you live. Custom fees are government tax imposed on goods when transporting intentionally. The fee may depend on the order value, country tax etc.  This is not covered by UrbanLune. Fees are paid to the appropriate customs agency by the customer. If payment is not made, the products may then be returned to the country it was sent from. 

Why is shipping seem high? 
Shipping Costs are decided by our postal company - Royal Mail.
All parcels are signed and tracked - this is standard.
No exceptions. 

We add £2 for the shipping box, tissue paper, bubble wrap and bits to keep your goods as protected as possible so they arrive to you safe! This allows our other products costs to be lower to not makeup for the parcel fees. We do not make a profit on the shipping costs. 

I love your products! I own a store - Do you wholesale? 
Yes! We love to wholesale - please contact us via email if you're interested at info@urbanlune.com

Please make sure you add your location, this may depend on our 
availability to supply to you, so that we don't oversaturate an area.

Why did you change your packaging for postage?
Growing up we always used the motto "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle" ♻️ 

Our packaging will change progressively, as we grow and evolve. The peanut fillers are biodegradable, so running them underwater, breaks them down. UrbanLune still has some magical iridescent filling.. we just are focusing on ways we can be more mindful for the environment. We are planning for all cardboard boxes to be custom made and using recycled materials. 

Do I take out the crystal in the candle when I light it? 
This is completely up to you! Though as your candle wax heats up, your crystal may sink to the bottom. You're welcome to remove it beforehand and keep it next to your candle to charge it - or you can wait till its finished and scoop it out. 

What Wax do you use? 
As we strive to keep our candles, environmentally friendly as possible we use a blend of Coconut + Soya Wax. We use the highest quality available on the market, just because we are a small business doesn't mean we skip on quality. 

Coconut is preferred as there is an impact on deforestation in the United States (where soya is from) We don't want our luxury in life to be impactful. The Coconut burns at a cooler temperature, meaning the candle burns longer while also holds the fragrance, for a better scent throw.

Whats in your fragrance? Do you use essential oils? 
(I need to write a blog on this! it's coming dw!) 

Our fragrance is so important to us! We use a blend of both natural components (like essential oils, extracted from plants and flowers) and synthetic blends that are manufactured from man-made materials. The reason for this is, only using natural oils is expensive and restricting for our candles. They also are unstable and may not always give a good scent throw. 

We do have one complete essential oil candle and that is our "Tree of Life" Crystal Candle. It's 100% Palo Santo that has been ethically harvested from fallen branches. We import this directly from Native American run businesses to support there community. 

This is the same essential oil and Palo Santo for all of our products. Sage Yo Shit and the Cleansing bundles. 

All fragrance adhere to the International Fragrance Research Association (IFRA) None of our fragrances contain phthalates or parabens. All are Vegan and cruelty FREE with no ingredients derived from animals. 

Fragrances also do not contain a high percentage of essential oils for more of a natural scent. Everyones nose is different, they may seem stronger to you personally. If you believe the essential oils are too strong, please be aware for your pets safety while burning them.
(Our fur-babies have a more sensitive nose than we do.) 

What is the shelf life for your candles?
Because they are natural we advise you use your candle within the first year. Storing them in a cool, dry dark place will allow them to last longer.

We do not use additives within our candles, this may cause discolouration. If candles are left in the sun, they will melt. This includes while in transit.

What do I do with my crystal now? 
Clean your crystals with  hot soapy water, and dry off with tea towel. 

Each crystal has a meaning and vibrational frequency that we can use to change our vibrational frequency and work with it to change our "vibe" Y

ou can place them in your home as a decorative piece, work with it and channel its energy in meditation, or ritual. You can gift it to a friend - whatever you like.

If you're new to crystals I would advise you do some research on it and connect to this little piece of magic you hold within your hands!