Anne Whittle Crystal Candle

Anne Whittle Crystal Candle

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UrbanLune's exclusive Anne Whittle Crystal Candle
Handmade by WItches for Witches

Anne Whittie was accused of murdering Robert Nutter by Witchcraft, as transcribed in Thomas Potts 1612 documentary of the Pendle Witch trial. Anne confessed to Witchcraft by bade of her familiar to seek revenge on Robert Nutter for trying to take her daughter into his bed while she was already married. When rejected he withdrew and rode from the family angrly, cursing them if they ever took step upon his land. Within 3 months, Robert was found dead. Clearly witchcraft right?

Coconut + Soy Wax | 55hrs+ burn time 
Pink Agate | Tigerlily & Patchouli 
Locally source and grown herbs and florals

Handmade and pouring in Nottingham, UK 

We designed this candle with the combination of Tigerlily and Patchouli, Mugwort (the witches herb) Chamomile for peace and protection, either burnt or sprinkleed around your home and hearth. Pink Agate is known for healing bitterness, giving courage and dismissing the fear that holds us back from being true to ourselves.

 We designed this candle to represent a mothers love. Always protecting them by any means necessary. As a mother myself, it is hard to not be worried when our children feel unsafe. We must try and make peace they they are strong enough to handle hard times, but also knowing when you must take action to offer a better way of life. Someones we sacrifice ourselves for our childrens sake. There is strength and beauty in a nurturing mother, but we must lead by expamle to protect those who cannot protect themselves. 

I have found that sometimes we must look within to our own inner child, hold them and tell them, " It's okay, bad things happen to the innocent, but you are no less pure, you are bright, and you are golden. I am here for you now, and am your light in the dark."

Each candle comes with its own crystal candle guide and information regarding the Wytches of Britannia, you’re welcome to follow along on their stories in our blog and explore these women and all they endured to gain insight and understanding and how that has filtered through into modern-day society.