Business & Entrepreneurs Crystal Kit

Business & Entrepreneurs Crystal Kit

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Urbanlune's exclusive handpicked selection of crystals for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. Designed to assist you through opening your business and starting a new path, attracting wealth and abundance and the will to persevere when times are tough. 

Included within: Crystal Guide, Mini Crystal Grid, ethically sourced White Sage & Palo Santo, Cashmere Fragranced Intention Candle, Cotton Drawstring Bag
Crystals included: Pyrite, Tigers Eye, Chiastolite and Moss Agate

 Our blend of crystals is curated to aid small business owners for attracting success within their business/venture. Assisting in the completion of tasks set by yourself, manifestations and endurance to reach your goals. Focusing your energy, building self-confidence and higher self-esteem. 

Working with your crystals you can place them near your laptop or areas you do the most work. Use them in new moon rituals, ritual baths for abundance and strong will and hold on to them when there are moments you feel like you need some added guidance and strength to continue on your goal.

At times (speaking from experience) we may find ourselves asking if it's all worth it?  It becomes easy to second guess yourself and feels the effects of imposter syndrome but nevertheless, we get a break and an opportunity that reminds us why we started in the first place.

This Crystal kit is not just about attracting money, but helping you draw that earthly energy within and stand strong when moments in business are tough. Keeping you focused on the end goal, on track and grounded when we are emotional and concerned. I have found myself clutching my pyrite and asking for the right people that need my assistance to find me so that I can work with them and teach them all that I can. Sure enough, I check my phone the next day and either orders or a lovely message has come through and I understand the mission of UrbanLune. Turning to crystals for guidance and I want to share that magick with you too. 

Please note that as these crystals are natural, they will be bigger/smaller than featured. We do however try our level best to keep them as close to what is featured.