Freya Goddess Ritual Bath Salts

Freya Goddess Ritual Bath Salts

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UrbanLune's exclusive Goddess Ritual Bath Salts

We are combining the great Goddesses of all time, for our new ritual bath collection. Each are deities of love, marriage throughout many cultures for some serious love magic!

Ritual Baths are a great way to raise our vibration, cleanse our aura, recharge and overall heal our bodies with flower alchemy and crystal medicine. Taking a Spirt Bath is a form of spiritual cleansing for any unwanted negative energies. Making way for love, creativity, relaxation and spiritual awareness. Ritual baths are there for washing away any spiritual grime and awakening your being.

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F R E Y A - Dead Sea salt, Himalayan salt + organic rose petal flower alchemy

Organic rose + sandalwood essential oils 

two sizes: 100g (one bath) or 350g (three or more baths)

Rose Quartz Crystal Inside 350g Salts

Crystals not included in sample size 100g**

Although ritual baths can physically help with skin conditions or sore muscles, they are however a spiritual experience, they are very strong, and it's suggested that you only take one per month. Particularly around the full moon to cleanse, and protect us from the toxicity of other people's energy, that attaches itself to our aura. If you're just having a bath and wanna have something pretty... well that's completely up to you.