UrbanLune Mabon Crystal Candle

UrbanLune Mabon Crystal Candle

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M A B O N - Second Harvest + Autumn Equinox (Witches Thanksgiving)
Friday 21st September - 29th of September
Mabon is inspired by the changing crimson leaves in the street of London, candied apples for thanksgiving and notes of spice with nutmeg and cinnamon. Each element of the sabbat candle is carefully selected for ritual practice, any travelling Witch can celebrate the seasons without needing her entire potions cupboard. 

Fragrance notes: 
Apple + Cinnamon + Nutmegb

Flower Alchemy 
Rose - Love, Truth, Prosperity + Luck 
Hibiscus - Divination, Lust + Love
Carnation - Protection, Strength + Healing 
Heather - Luck, Protection, Rain-Making 

Black Tourmaline Crystal Properties:
Black Tourmaline is a very strong protective stone, known for cleansing and purification. It's also known for transformational energy, we selected this crystal to connect us to the ever-changing seasons and to be protected while in transition.

As we go through the pending darkness, let go of our past from the year, step into the shadows, to be reborn in the following spring.
Use black tourmaline for growth and grounding thyself in preparation for the turbulent seasons to come. This is the time to finished old business, and wrap up any loose ends. We have been working diligently this summer, now is the time to reap the harvest and remind ourselves of self-care, reflection and celebration. 

M A B O N 
As the leaves begin to change, we pay our respects to the long winter nights. This is the time for sweater weather, chai lattes (pumpkin, no pumpkin?) long baths, lighting candles and giving thanks to the Celtic Goddess Madron. 

Mabon is the balance of light + dark and occurs in the middle of the harvest season. This is the time to embrace who we are, and who we wish to be - we are ever-evolving, and like all good things must come to an end, our summer nights grow short and we leave our past behind us, and prepare for the festive season. 

Each label has been created and designed with symbolic features from the each Sabbath, featuring the iconic red apples, nutmeg, pine cones and acorns for the autumnal season.
Made in England, United Kingdom
Cotton Wick for a clean burn
Comes in a 8oz tin jar and lid
40+hrs burn time 

Each¬†are 100% Vegan and animal cruelty free ūüźľūüéč
UrbanLune's signature coconut + soy blend wax.
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