Manifestation Crystal Kit

Manifestation Crystal Kit

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Urbanlune's exclusive handpicked selection of crystals for manifestation. Designed to help align you with your goals and ignite the fire inside your soul to attract new opportunities and abundance your way.

Included within: Crystal Guide, Mini Crystal Grid, ethically sourced White Sage & Palo Santo, Cashmere Fragranced Intention Candle, White Cotton Drawstring Bag
Crystals Included:Ā 
Clear Quartz, Rutilated Quartz, Sunstone, Carnelian, Black Obsidian

Our blend of crystals is curated to assist in amplifying your voice to the universe to hear the call of your desires and manifest them into the psychical realm.

Work with your crystals through meditation, ritual baths or place within your home and office. Keeping your crystals on you in your drawstring bag is the perfect way to have them ready and available for any small moments of mediation. They sit nicely at the top of your mat for yoga, working them into your practice and everyday routine. Keep them near when journaling, intention setting and visualisationĀ of your dreams in reality.