Rose Quartz Tower

Rose Quartz Tower

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For the lovers, healers and goddesses. Rose Quartz is universally the most-sort after crystal for the new age and spiritual community. Sourced in both Madagascar and Brazil, it is abundant and rich with warm loving energy.

Rose Quartz may seem to radiate gentle energy, however is such a versatile powerful stone, healing all aspects of the heart. Unblocking and activating the heart chakra. Use this stone during meditation for healing, breaking down walls around yourself, pain and moving forward with positivity, compassion and kindness. Towards not only yourself, but for others. 

Rose Quartz is a powerful healer, that encourages self love, friendship and nurturing. It helps us break away from old mindsets and seeing the lighter side of life.

Rose Quartz has a strong affiliation with Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love. In old mythology it is said that Aphrodite, Goddess of love and beauty was in-love with Adonis, God of plants and rebirth. After Aphrodite was sent to earth, Adonis followed to hunt in the forests. He was injured on earth from Ares. (Aphrodite's ex lover) As she ran through the forest to reach him before he perished, her clothes and skin were torn from the branches. It is said that where the blood from Aphrodite touched the ground, thus creating the first Rose Quartz. 

As Rose Quartz has been used for face rollers and is a natural anti-inflammatory, this is a clear indication how it's associated with beauty, much like the Goddess. Interestingly enough that the ancient Greeks and Egyptians alike both connect deeply to the love and beauty this stone radiates.


Rose Quartz Towers
RQ1   -    318g    |     11cm x 4cm
RQ2   -    345g    |     9.5cm x 5cm
RQ3   -    222g    |     9cm x 4cm
RQ4   -    278g    |     9cm x 5cm
RQ5   -    302g    |     8cm x 6cm
RQ6   -    227g    |     7.5cm x 5cm
RQ7   -    258g    |     8cm x 4.5cm
RQ8   -    238g    |     8cm x 5cm