Sage Smudging Wands

Sage Smudging Wands

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Smudging is ritual alchemy ‚ÄĒ changing and shifting the¬†energy in your space.¬†The smoke from dried sage is used¬†for clearing and cleansing auras, your sacred space, home and work place.

We recommend once a week to cleanse your home with white sage. It's also known to be used before yoga and meditation. When moving into or out of your home. After a fight or illness, or before and after guests come over.

We use it in many rituals - most common is when we are cleaning our home, before and after a healing session and when in the process of making UrbanLune's signature crystal candles. This removes unwanted energies trapped in objects, spaces and in our aura, leaving us neutral so we are able to focus on what we want to attract into our space and lives.


Small White Sage Wand - 15cm
Large White Sage Wand - 23cm 

Sage Bundles
1 x Large White Sage Smudging Wand
2 x Large White Sage Smudging Wands
1 x Small White Sage Wand 
3 x Small White Sage Wands
1 x Cleansing Bundle (with small wands)
3 x Cleansing Bundles Bulk(with small wands)


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