Sage Yo Shit Ritual Spray

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UrbanLune's exclusive Sage Yo' Sh*t Ritual Cleansing Room Spray. 

#cleanseyoshit #sageyoshit

The first and OG Sage Ritual Spray, created for those who need to cleanse and sage their homes without the need for burning plao santo or white sage. 

Made for bad vibes +  ghosts + zombies & creepy ex boyfriends...
Sage Yo Sh*t  helps chase those stalkers away with some epic ritual spray. 


The good bits inside: 
Palo Santo, Sandalwood, Sage and Bergamot Essential Oils
Epson Salt for the bad juju 
Moonstone (for new beginnings) + Clear Quartz (Cleansing) 
Infused in Distilled Luna Water 

 100ml Clear PET Plastic spray bottle
Black Atomiser with Lid 

 ** Please note that as these are essential oils inside, we advise you keep them out of direct sunlight. ** 

Spraying yourself, crystals, objects etc for cleasning and clearing the energies. Have been used in the office and workspace, (please dont spray your boss haha) desks and anything that is shared. We clean our home and then spray this once we are finished. I designed this creation when I was ten for my brother who suffers from asthma and the white sage and lavender burning was upsetting. After hearing many people have this same issue I decieded to implemnt it in my business in 2016.

Not only is it beautiful but it also is refreshing, magical and gives your home some extra spirital TLC. 

UrbanLune is the OG Sage Yo Shit, please be mindful of supporting copycats, no witch wants that full circle magick coming back around to bite her in the ass.