UrbanLune Limted Edition Dark Lord Luxury Crystal Candle

UrbanLune Limted Edition Dark Lord Luxury Crystal Candle

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UrbanLune Limited Edition Dark Lord Crystal Candle 

It feels so good to be bad 

Laborite Crystal
Leather Oudh fragrance
Vervain, Damiana, mugwort, cats claw
Black tourmaline crystal chips

The Dark Lord is our limited edition luxury crystal candle hand-poured in an iridescent black glassware keepsake. Inspired by the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.  We carefully created and crafted this magical candle with healing herbs and crystals associated with all things earthy and sexual. 

Our perfect altar tool for harnessing powerful magick for full moon rituals, sex magick, protection, unbinding hexes, power, allure, lust, abundance, and embracing your inner demon. 

Intention: Ambition, lust, sex, passion, desire, assertiveness, will power, binding, banishing, removing toxic people, break up a blocked situation, drastic life changes, patience, the teacher.  

Embrace the naughty side of life and let those inner voices tell you all their desires.

Those moments we let go of our ambition and stop holding ourselves in check because of fear of judgement. This candle is an ‘f**k the hates’ and lets you do you

The Dark Lord is inspired by Sabrina’s Lucifer. He is is the man in the shadows, the sexual beast inside us all, the attraction and allure. He is lust, ecstasy, losing yourself in your favourite song. He is joy in knowing you can be yourself and not care what others are thinking because they can go f* themselves.

It’s in those moments we are free. Free from the restraints of society’s evil eye. If you wanna play with fire my friend, this guys your crystal candle 

100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free 
Coconut + Soy Wax