Hecate Luxury Crystal Candle

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UrbanLune Hecate Luxury Crystal Candle 

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Hecate is our limited edition luxury crystal candle hand-poured in an iridescent aura glassware keepsake. Inspired by the Goddess of Witchcraft Hecate(Hekate), we carefully created and crafted this magical candle with healing herbs and crystals associated with all things, Hecate.

Our perfect altar tool for harnessing powerful magick for full moon rituals, healing, deep power and moving forward in your life with all the keys to unlock to doors of your future. 

Intention: a seer of truth, protection + reflection magick, healing, midwifery, seeing the wheel of life unfold in front of you. Wisdom + intuition, seeing things to completion. Power beyond measure to face your fears, with courage and will. Moon magick, witches aid, necromancy.

Hand-poured with love and light in the heart of England, using a house blend of coconut + soy wax and fragrance, infused with certified vervain, mugwort, Moonstone crystals,  glitter and magick

Moonstone: healing and keeping calm in moments of high stress, avoids overreaction, enhances feminine energies, sensitivity, intuition, and psychic abilities, Strong energy to enhance one's life. Stone of protection, especially during childbirth, pregnancy and travel. 

Personal growth, Encourages moving into the unknown. Balancing hormones during the lunar cycle. 

100% Vegan + Cruelty-FREE

****These are very limited so if you are waiting till payday, please let us know and email us regarding your candle. We can try our best to order more however we need a guarantee of your purchase. ***

Please sage you candles before casting.