UrbanLune Limited Edition Sabrina Crystal Candle

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UrbanLune Limited Edition Sabrina Crystal Candle

Bloodstone + Black Tourmaline Crystal
Infused with Rose Petals, Mugwort, Vervain, BuckRoot, Pomegranate 

Top Notes: Mandarin, Coriander

Middle Notes: Mimosa, Rose

Base Notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood, Amber

Sabrina is our limited edition luxury crystal candle hand-poured in a deep rouge glassware keepsake. Inspired by the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. We carefully created and crafted this magical candle with healing herbs and crystals associated with all things earthly, romantic and witchy. 

Our perfect altar tool for harnessing powerful magick for determination, courage, protection against psychic attack and for self-confidence, especially to stand up against one's enemies. It is a passionate candle that helps ignite the fire within and channel new magick to stand up for yourself, take no prisoners, and deal with sucky b*tches that need to back up and stay in their lane. 

Intention: Ambition, assertiveness, will power, banishing, removing toxic people, drastic life changes, stamina, action and speeding up spell work.

Sabrina was about finding her story, who she is in both the human realm and one of the witches, constantly in a battle of both inner turmoils and dealing with the expectations of all around her. She learns to stand her grown, embrace all parts of herself and find power in not doing things in the 'right' or 'wrong' way that we have been force-fed our entire lives, no... she learns to do it her way.

This magical and deep blood magick candle helps us discover who we are, embrace the dark and the light inside us all and stands up to the people that want to take something from us, to steal our magick, so now, with new courage we say, enough is enough. Witches don't wait for Karma, witches are their own karma! 

Made for the badass witches that are happy to dive in the deep end. 

Bloodstone is a powerful crystal for healing and detoxification. Bloodstone was treasured not only as a talisman of good health and long life, but was reputed to bring its owner respect, good fortune, riches and fame. It protected one from deception, helped overcome enemies in battle, and secured victory in court and legal matters. It was also believed to have magical properties with the ability to control the weather by averting lightning, conjuring storms or summoning rain. Bloodstone conferred the gift of prophecy as an “audible oracle” that gave off sound as a means of guidance or to warn of danger, and could direct spiritual energies to banish negativity and evil.

100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free 
Coconut + Soy Wax