Valentines Candles

Valentines Candles

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Single Society - Made for the single and proud babes out there! They are the people who rather lavish themselves for Valentines Day and happy for the 'me time' It's the self-care, self-love kinda candle and it's alluring, smells di-vine and reminds me of that sexy ass perfume you wear when you're feeling naughty! 

Fragrance: Mandarin + Mimosa 

Actually Kinda Love You - This candle is dedicated to my partner because the poor man has to deal with my sh*t all the time and yet he still loves me. It's is my favourite fragrance, my favourite font and legit the words I say all the time. AKLY is fresh, intoxicating and the most sweet yet sexy candle fragrance I have found. It's a must have spring collection candle.

Fragrance: TigerLily + Patchouli

I Love You Like I Love My Cat - I wanted to base these candles off real stuff that goes on in peoples lives. This is something I can really relate to. This candle is for the people who have got into relationships, yet haven't said the big 'I Love You'

You know the awkward 'I don't know how to tell you I love you, but HERE is a candle that says it.....for me...' haha well yeah... you get the picture. It's also great for the crazy cat ladies too. I love those kinda ladies, I probably will be one of them some day.

Fragrance: Japanese Cherry Blossom

Feeling Feelings Sucks - Did you just break up before V-Day? Don't worry bae, we got you! I know this all too much. My first love broke up with me 2 weeks before Valentines and I know the sucky #foreveralone feels and UrbanLune are here to say we understand Valentines can suck sometimes. 

It's ALL kinds of LOVE for you! These are my mini candles of happiness, it is joy in a jar and if you still hate them afterwards?...well I'm sure we have a spell to put them in a jar ....hahaha no no but you know what I'm saying right?

We love you. We made this candle for you. We hope you love it too!

Fragrance: Wild Peony + Jasmine

Handmade in England, United Kingdom
100% Vegan + Cruelty Free
Wax: Coconut + Soya Blend
Burn Rate: 10+ hrs 
Container: Glass with Silver lid

Please note these do not contain crystals inside*

As these are hand poured and made with love, because of this our time for creating them is 5 working days, before shipment is made.

Just a friendly reminder, if you are in a rush you must write a message in your order or email to let us know. Then we can try our best to get them to you faster however it's still the standard timeframe. Paying first class does not guarantee express parcel, it's the faster shipping rate after the 5 days and this is subject to Royal Mail. 

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